Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back in Shape AGAIN

Posted by ImpianHomes at Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Looking at the title above, simply means dat i am out of shape now. i hv 2 do something drastically. of course, i did exercise yesterday. i played dance game on PS2. it was really fun. having music, games, dance and sweat in a same time. so refreshing. 

After all the jumping2 around, i followed the pilates for beginners dvd to lenghten my muscle. very relaxing. ahh.. i have to practise this everyday i guess. may be at least 30 minutes a day. pls fara. dun be lazy-lazy to exercise ok for ur own good.

I hv to reduce hmm 15KG!! wow. This is for my beloved hubby. i hv 2 sacrifies a lot. Leaving behind my bad eating habits. yeah i realized it was really uncool. those oily, fattening foods. sayonara u alls and say hi to brown rice, salads, brocoli, tortilla bread, juice etc :D

Now, am watching the repetition of SHOWDOWN 2010 @ 8TV which is "street dance" competition while typing. i lurve it. one of my favourite tv show besides slots of 8TV quickies. i love to hear the English slangs there also 8TV as a whole. Giller battle Crew's performance just now were awesome. they are Giller. They got the bad boy attitude. yes, they simply got the dance attitude.

I'm not saying that the other crew are not good enuf, ahh all of them are great. Like wakaka, floor fever, HMC Phlow and others. it just that i loved Giller Battle more in terms of attitude. yeah, u go guys. it's really a tight battle.  but to be bias in terms of state's spirit hehe.. of course, WAKAKA is the one b'coz they are Johorean and having Alam, the winner of "so u think u can dance" challenge. i forgot in what year. 2009 i guess.

hurmm what else. ok for this evening. we went to Giant. Did car wash while eating @ al-IBM mamak's restaurant. no roti canai. a bit upset. it was all finished and going to start canai-ing again at nite. nevermind i had a toasted bread with choc topings since i'm trying to start on dieting again, rite? good starts. also had a carrot juice. well done.

then we went to pasar tani. i bought sweet corns, choc cake n roti john. after that we went back home to did maghrib prayers.  then we were out again off to Subang. headed to Tanamera. Abg have to take a KUIS document from Dr. Ruslan. Dr. russ left it at the guard house b'coz dr. got other urgent matters.

reached home from dr. russlan's place, i ON my lappie and typing this diary. ahha very details huh. i dun mind if u guys/gurls find it a boring diary. hey, this is my diary. up to me what i'm gonna type ahha. i'm going crazy. ok off for now. love you. daa~


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