Friday, December 17, 2010

Life Revamp

Posted by ImpianHomes at Friday, December 17, 2010
Today's agenda: Revamp life.
+ Transform! (hijrah inside out)
+ a new me .
+ makes da house shining (tidy) .
+ try new recipes.
+ read a lot.
+ journalist 2 b (BM & BI).
+ slim .
+ better muslimah .
+ better time management 
+ anger management.
+ hati management.
+ jealousy management.

--> helpfull quotes <--
@ If you love someone let him go, if he comes back, then he is urs, if he doesn"t, then he wasn't urs in the first place.
@ yea ,although it's not easy at all and even painfull, sometimes u should give ur beloved a very big space ,at least to be sure that u have been chosen. and he/she is not only with u because cant see/ cant have somebody else..

Reference: drama of " Teh Tarik Kurang Manis. Casts: Fasha Sandha, ZulHuzaimy, ary malik @ Astro Prima "

+ succesful on9 biz .
+ digital scrapbooking . 

useful links:

more links 2 b added from time to time..

so, let's get started! :D

ok already started this evening. i hv cleaned up kitchen, fridge, toilet & mop the floor. shining you ;)

There r lots of books i read recently. not sure which one. either "membina peribadi anggun by Dr. HM Tuah" or Cleo mag. i think credits to dr tuah:
"Bagaimanapun keadaan anda, anda adalah cantik. anda bkn saje cantik bahkan menarik sekali. anda akan tambah cantik jika disulami akhlak, peribadi & pegangan agama yg kukuh" 

what i've learnt from dat statement n him today is, inner beauty r important that makes everyone special. also get the idea that a husband don't really need a "drop-dead gorgeous" wife = "Someone who at first glance is so gorgeous, it is hard to look away. So you look on which makes your heart beat faster and then time slows. Your heart follows slowing while thumping louder and louder." . 

enuf with a nice plain looks to watch everyday ahha. but 2 be noticed/ remembered / missed, there r some tricks hehe. we can spies up added Xtra qualities such as:
+ be neat n tidy person.
+ efficient with da house chores.
+ great mom for his kids - hv a good eye on children's education (world and the hereafter).
+ wake up early in the morning. cooks bf.
+ slim n healthy.
+ smart and intelligent.
+ wiki. must read a lot. gain knowledge in cars, games, finance, computer, graphics, new tech.
+ a good chef.
+ upgrade skills - comp., s/ware, h/ware, bed, parenting, baking, cooking, sewing, etc
+ improve sweet voice while talking to him/ kids.
+ feminine.
+ sense of humor.
+ Laugh
+ happy person.
+ optimistic.
+ Flexible.
+ sporting.
+ charming
+ smiling face.
+ alwiz make him happy.
+ caring abt his health, appearance, problems @ work etc
+ give him space.
+ more n more.. 

Hey, so many. why only focus with the beauty face/ body to attract his attention all this while ? beauty face/ body will be faded away when getting older. but the beauty of heart never dies. we still hv chances even if we r not really pretty. like me, i'm not pretty zienta just baby face. (bluweks thehehe). never give up. aja - aja fighting! or go - go chaiyok (korean words ^_^).

(all this are statements to make me feels better hehe. yes i feel better now and boost my confidence level).

Actually there must be a reason why i'm the one who hv been chosen. this is a BIG responsibilities on my shoulder 4 me 2 carry. i'll do my best n improve myself from time to time 2 b a better person/wife/mom.

hubby attended seminar in PICC, putrajaya 9am - 9pm together-gether with muiz today.

am watching the old "casa impian 2nd series"  @ astro channel 104. Funny, eric so nerdy. i think this was the beginning of his career @ astro. he was shy-shy u know. look so amateur hosting ahha. See.. practice makes perfect. also alwiz remember that life is a learned process. Look at eric now. he's so amazing. no more flat voice. so charming while hosting new series of casa impian. who do not know eric now. his face is everywhere as products ambassador. great job.

ok pen  keyboard off for now. till the next entry (^_^) .. love ya.


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