Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey it's monday?

Posted by ImpianHomes at Monday, December 13, 2010
time's running so fast. juz came back frm JB. been there since thursday until yesterday (sunday). abh n maktah bought blueberry cheese tart aka tartlet @ angsana for kajang's family. uh so cheezy omnomnomn so delicious. hehe i did took some of it to taste. juz 12 pcs out of 50. it was rm25 maktah said.

4 days in JB was awesome. thanx abg for ur understanding. really appreciate it. friday we not done anything. everyone woke up late especially me! hehe i'm period so no need to did subuh prayer. abh, maktah & dinie went  to school's office to have the agreement's letter for contract extension. They extended the period  for  another 2 yrs time for the school's canteen operation. i wish i could pay and supports for their living &  persona car very soon. i love them very much.

ok then on Sat everyone agreed to woke up early to have breakfast @ DAHLIA foodcourt. i had mihun soto. ouh it was marvellous. best-est taste ever. also take-away nasi lemak.i can say it is double marvellous.

then all of us went to "Hutan Bandar". kids jumped into the pool there. great. unfortunately topeq didn't brought his swim trunk. At 6pm, we went to Plaza Tasek to buy school's stuff for danish n dinie. ok settled. we did filled 6 forms for lucky draw. i wished i could win toyota innova the grand prize. pheww aminn ya rabbal alamin.. pronton exora will be the 2nd prize while perodua alza is the 3rd prize.

ok sunday. i woke up late. maktah cooked nasi lemak. sambal was awesome. 1pm abh maktah fulfilled a   wedding invitation. at 2pm - 5pm they brought danish & dinie to plaza angsana. kids got book and jerseys present. hehe thanx atuk. so, around 6pm we were off to kl. so sad but it's ok. hopefully got some free time to be back again very soon. we are far apart yet near in our heart all the time.

today it's monday. cooked ketchup chicken for lunch. ahh stuck on internets. bdn. blogs. fb. hey wake up. lots of things to be done babe. tidy the house. finished graphics module. abg is my boss now. then the most important stuff:. THESIS! go for it baby! convocation!


Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

~Fara said...

Merci Daniel. Avez-vous blog? peut le partager ici?

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